humility_dying_feet_first-720x340Here is a practical outline with some thoughts for my sons and daughters that I hope is a real help to you as you lead God’s People in prayer meetings. We will be held accountable on how we lead the church. May God give you grace is my prayer:

Prayer Meeting Outline and Thoughts

  • Open with scripture and prayer
  • Worship
  • Identificational repentance-Nehemiah 1:5-7
  • Missions Offering
  • Short devotional thought on prayer!
  • Go to prayer
  • (Interrupt as the HS directs)
  • Come together at the end
  • Sing hymns/songs
  • Communion
  • Stand in circle (Those with needs step to middle, have people stand in for missionaries, etc., have others lay hands on them and pray, someone (you) lead out in prayer over mic.

(We used to go 1 1/2 hours & time really flew! Now about an hour is what most people can handle)

{Thoughts to share with your people!}

  1. We have come here to pray. Not just talk about prayer, although guidance is important. Not just worship, although worship is part of it.
  2. We have come to intercede. Intercession is giving/a dying to ourselves. This means we have not come to receive although we will. But our motive is to give ourselves. We are not here to figure out prayer, we are here to be used by God.
  3. We do have responsibility to requests. But we also need to be and want to be led b the HS. This means I may at times interrupt your praying
  4. Important, practical things:

*You are not here to have personal devotions. Personal devotions are usually meditative and quieter

*We are not going to be overly emotional but you may find yourself getting distracted because someone is praying with more emotion than you. Important to remember this is a corporate prayer meeting and not a private prayer time.

*We are engaging in spiritual warfare. When you are in battle things sometimes get noisy. You still have an individual job to do but you fight along side the rest of your troops. So don’t use someone else as an excuse for not ‘getting into prayer.’

*Focus: cry out to God with more intensity. He wants us all to grow and be stretched in the area of prayer. Folks who are always loud need to be quieter. And folks who are always quiet need to probably be louder.

*Move around. If you get bored or tired change your position for a few minutes! Do not be inhibited (fervent prayer). Take a break (lobby, water, etc.) then refocus and come right back

*Perseverance – there is always a place in prayer whether it is private or corporate that you need to breakthrough. When you feel bored, or drained, or distracted that is the very place God wants to breakthrough – persevere right there – maybe change your body posture and go after God more.

This is God’s heart-Jesus said, “My house shall be called a House of Prayer for the Nations.” We are here to pray God’s Interests and God’s heart. Let’s go for it.

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